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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please Do Sign My Guest Book

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card making said...

Thank you for sharing these guides and techniques. I'd be using them in making Christmas cards


Ok, so now I'm starting a collection of different techniques. Looks like fun stuff.

Brayer Technique

Thank you very much AKIKO for allowing us to put this on our blog. I know so many are interested in this technique, I know I definately am. To visit Crystal & AKIKO's blog click here.

Faux Wax Seal

This is another video I got from Crystal & Akiko's blog. I really liked this.

Make Your Own Embossing Folders

I got this video from "stayingcrafty's" spot. You should go check her out. Lots of cool stuff.


Here are some card boxes, bags, organizers. If you see some that I don't have, and I know there are about a million, please let me know so that I can put them here. Thanks

Card Box

Gift Card box - Holds 6 - 8 cards with envelopes

Card Box/Bag holds about 12 card & envelopes

Card Organizer

Accordian Card Organizer Part 1

Accordian Card Organizer Part 2

All Occasion Box

Scalloped Circle Box

Cake Box